February 07, 2007

After Bad News From Ombuds, Student Sues UMass

In an attempt to raise questions about grading policies, Brian Marquis filed a lawsuit against the University of Massachusetts. The dispute is over the final grade Marquis received in a philosophy class in Fall 2006. Marquis initially contacted Catharine Porter, the UMass Ombudsperson. He later received an email from Porter that said she had met with the teaching assistant and discussed the final grade scale that resulted in a C. According to her e-mail, professors at UMass can develop their own grading scale. Porter concluded the e-mail by urging Marquis "to accept this grade and continue on with your course work as there were no grounds for an academic grievance." Marquis described this statement as "highly dangerous." UMass administrators declined to comment on the pending litigation. (Daily Collegian.) Just another reminder of how dangerous email can be.

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