August 23, 2007

New Mexico State University to Open Ombuds Office

At the Fall Convocation, NMSU President Mike Martin announced the university will start an ombudsman office to give faculty and students a less-formal route to deal with grievances. "We hope by having a structure to do this we avoid some of the unnecessary tensions that sometimes come when we have differences of opinion or differences of direction," he said. (Las Cruces Sun-News.)

What's somewhat confusing is that NMSU had a website for an ombuds office as recently as August 9. (Google cache of NMSU Office of the Ombudsman.) Maybe "reopening" would be more accurate.

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  1. Greg Blanch, who served as Ombudsman for the College of Agriculture for 2006-07, explains that his college decided to dissolve its office and support a university-wide ombuds office.