August 07, 2008

Ombuds Training in Vancouver

IOA is offering introductory and advanced ombuds training in Vancouver, B.C., October 27-30. Courses include:
  • Ombudsman 101 (Oct. 27-29) An introductory program for new ombudsman or those seeking information about the organizational ombudsman role.
  • Ombudsman 101 Plus (Oct. 29) A special half-day program for organizations and entrepreneurs who want to get started.
  • The Role of the Ombudsman in Organizational Change and Conflict (Oct. 28-29) Participants will understand change and conflict in organizations, the potential for being both monitors and managers of organizational conflict and the opportunity to serve as agents of proactive humanistic organizational transformation.
  • Specialized Course: Fundamental Theories of Conflict Resolution and the Implications for Ombudsman Practice (Oct. 30) This course will examine several theories of conflict resolution and their practical implications for pragmatically intervening in difficult situations.
The course will be held at the Marriott Vancouver Pinnacle Downtown. Priority registration deadline is September 12. (IOA Training.)

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