August 23, 2008

Study Finds Organizations Failing to Create Trust Internally

A recent study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity finds that most organizations recognize that trust is an important consideration in their company’s success, but many employees don’t feel it is being nurtured internally. The research finds that lower performing companies do less to nurture trust and that credibility of senior management has been falling. Despite the issues, the study found few formal programs to restore trust. A full 87% of respondents say their organizations do not offer training programs, 69% don’t utilize an Ombuds program, and more than 60% report that employee surveys or audits on trust issues aren’t in place, or are in place to only a small extent. (i4cp Press Release.)

Wait... If 69% of organizations don't have an Ombuds program, 31% do have one. This is very surprising number and I question its accuracy.

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