August 28, 2009

Harvard University Ombuds to Take on Public Safety Issues

In April 2009, Harvard president Drew Faust appointed an independent committee to look into complaints by black students and faculty of unfair treatment by the predominantly white campus police force. That committee ultimately recommended that Harvard create a public-safety Ombuds and take other steps to repair the relationship between the campus police and the campus community. On Friday, Harvard announced that University Ombuds Lydia Cummings will take on the public safety functions recommended by the committee.
In her newly expanded role, Cummings will meet with the Safety Advisory Committee, review and recommend resolutions to general and specific concerns raised by members of the University community, and bring any systemic issues to the attention of the administration, when warranted. To ensure that community members know where to bring issues, the office’s expanded role will be communicated on the Harvard College Web site, in the Handbook for Students, in House newsletters, in the Freshman Newsletter, and through the residential deans.

(Harvard News; Boston Globe.)

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