August 20, 2009

OO Blogger: The "New Ombudsman"

Clayton Gilman's latest post muses on Ombuds finding their place in the traditional business landscape. Along the way, he offers this definition of the "New Ombudsman":
First, the “new ombudsman” is a progressive philosopher and an eclectic thinker. They are most likely a “boomer”, born of the 60’s movements and now, today, wise to the ways to not only live peacefully, but able to articulate, “practice what they preach” and technically translate education, knowledge and wisdom into a “new profession” to the benefit of others. Yes, some are lawyers, some are psychologists, some are social workers, teachers, retired from the profession they now “mediate” to; it’s an “inclusive” mix of professions and people. They didn’t know it, but looking back on their career and life they were using “ombudsmanship” all along and now want to make it their calling. They are technologically savvy, can grasp and get a handle on complex (Gordian Knot) circumstances and issues, they can do mental analysis faster than a computer, they are skilled “generalists” in their life and profession, their degrees and certificates are “translatable and applicable” in terms of value towards peace making regardless of what “others” tell them and they know it and are not deterred.

(Organizational Ombudsman Blog.)

This is an insightful and accurate portrait of the profession.

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