September 23, 2009

Are Ombuds a Fix for "Fatally Flawed" HR?

Blogger and HR generalist, Lance Haun argues that human resources profession is in a precarious position because:
  • Most of HR’s value can be outsourced effectively, especially recruitment, employee relations and benefits);
  • HR has unclear goals and ROI, which makes it a luxury for small to medium-sized companies;
  • HR provides no input on business direction, as evidenced the the lack of C-level HR positions.
Haun suggests that a "New HR" model would keep critical functions. His list includes:
  1. Workplace Process and Productivity Expert – Someone to look at workplace process and figure out all of the issues negatively impacting the productivity;
  2. Functional and Effective Internal Ombudsman - Someone who would be comfortable (and be given the authority) to call out management and employees on their detrimental actions and be compensated based on solving issues;
  3. Employee Life Cycle Manager – A guru on how to best integrate new people into an organization, develop careers internally and anticipate and plan exits for any number of reasons.
Haun invites fedback on this proposal. (HR Guru; Your HR Guy.)

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