December 06, 2009

Update: Colbert Accepts Olympics Oval Ombuds Offer

Stephen Colbert, the satirical late night comedy talk show host, has accepted an offer to attend the Winter Olympics as an Ombuds for US speed skaters. Earlier this month, Colbert, who is financially supporting the US Olympic Speed Skating Team, accused Canadians of unfairly denying Americans practice time at the Richmond Olympic Oval. In response, the City of Richmond offered to appoint Colbert as an official Ombuds, complete with a costume: "a lovely Richmond Olympic Oval pink toque." Thursday, Colbert said yes. "I have no idea what an ombudsman is, but as long as it requires no effort from me, I proudly accept," he told viewers. He declined, however, to wear the toque. (CBC Sports.)

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  1. This of course perpetuates common misunderstandings of what an ombuds is.

  2. Although I do love Colbert