February 17, 2011

Interview with University of Toronto Ombuds

The student life blog for the St. George campus of UToronto sought an interview with the campus Ombuds and was surprised to receive a prompt response. Assistant Ombudsperson Garvin De Four explained what the Ombuds does.

“We are part mediator, investigator, and counsellor,” said Garvin, “We are a neutral office which attempts to provide guidance and assistance to individuals with problems pertaining to the administrative process.”

“We report to the Governing Council, so we deal with any incidents that fall under that umbrella. This can include student, faculty and administrative problems.”
The toughest inquiry for De Four regarded the number of cases the office handles per year. “That’s a hard question to answer,” said Garvin, “because each case is different. Some can be as simple as a phone consultation, while others can go for 6 months.” (UpbeatT Blog.)

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