March 26, 2013

EMCI Consortium to Designate Ombuds

The European Masters in Conference Interpreting (a consortium of 11 European universities in collaboration with the European Commission and the European Parliament), has enacted a constitution that requires the appointment of an Ombuds for internal disputes. Article 13 of the ECMI Constitution states:

Dispute Resolution

The Governing Board shall designate an ombuds whose role will be to mediate disputes between Members of the Consortium and between Members and the Consortium itself. The qualifications and terms of engagement of the ombuds shall be determined by the Governing Board and follow Standards of Practice laid down by the International Ombudsman Association (IOA). 
The consortium underwent a complete reform in 2011-12 and became the EMCI Consortium II. The Constitution which includes the appointment of an Ombuds was part of the reform. It does not appear that an Ombuds has been appointed yet. (ECMI Constitution.)

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