June 24, 2014

Coalition of Federal Ombuds Seeks Data on Ombuds Value

CoFO has unveiled the "Ombuds VALUE Project" and is seeking stories that describe Ombuds work and its impact. The project began at CoFO's 2013 annual meeting, where members expressed interest in sharing the positive value in their work.  

CoFO Chair, Scott Deyo said:

Ideally, we’d like to obtain just one shining example from each of our members (though you are welcome to share more) that epitomizes the value that the role brings to the agency. We’re just looking for a short narrative, but something impactful that you believe was a major “win.”

In true ombudsman form, your information will not be linked to you or your specific agency. We intend to put these perspectives together in what we hope is an informative and useful product. 
Submissions are due by June 27, 2014 (so hurry). (CoFO Ombuds VALUE Project.)

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