March 21, 2016

Job Posting: Naval Medical Command

The Navy Hospital Camp Pendleton is hiring a Special Assistant for Health Care Resolutions. The position is designated "to address the most, and/or sensitive patient care issues raised by hospital staff and/or our patients/family members during the patient care experience." The job is analogous to an Organizational Ombuds for a health care system. For example, applicants must have experience: 

"Serving as an impartial third party who facilitates discussions between patients and providers; Developing creative resolutions to healthcare issues in a manner consistent with hospital objectives and mission; Independently conduct[ing] medical malpractice mediation between patients, families and medical staff members; and Analyzing and evaluating complex issues and determining their relative importance and susceptibility to compromise, alternative solutions and settlement." Certificate-eligible as an Organizational Ombudsman, mediator with specialized training in managing healthcare disputes/issues and as a military mediator is highly desirable. 

The position pays $92,108-$119,746 per year and applications are due by March 25, 2016. (Federal Government Jobs.)

Added March 22, 2016, a similar position at Camp Lejeune, with applications due March 28, 2016. (Federal Government Jobs.)

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