May 16, 2016

New Ombuds at University of Oregon Will Have a New Office

UO has relocated its Ombuds Office to a new location on the edge of campus.  The University Ombuds and their staff will be the only occupants of small renovated bungalow.  Previously, the office was located in a state of the art building in the school of business.  Meanwhile, the search continues for the next permanent Ombuds. 

“Our current location was always temporary and not suited to meeting groups of visitors,” said Jen Reynolds, the interim ombuds. “Some visitors were not comfortable with our location because Anstett Hall is such a central and public building. For an ombuds office, something less visible is preferable.”
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The new space behind the fire station on Agate Street is easy to find and sits on the edge of campus. It will also have space for larger group meetings and mediations — important parts of the practice.
“We are fortunate to find a space that affords our visitors easy access and safeguards their privacy,” Reynolds said. “Our new location will help us continue to provide a high level of confidentiality and support to the campus community.”
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