November 29, 2016

Meet DePaul University's Ombuds

Craig Mousin, who has been the DePaul University Ombudsperson since 2011, is the subject of a profile in the campus newsletter.  He talks about how his experience as an attorney and minister relates to his Ombuds work. He also talks about his personal relationship with the university.

You have been at DePaul for some time. What has kept you here?
The opportunities. I came to DePaul to direct the Center for Church and State Studies and teach in the College of Law. It allowed me to continue my research and writing in the areas of religion and law. I also taught immigration and refugee law. The icing on the cake for me was the Vincentian mission. I am fond of looking at our work through a lens of social justice and St. Vincent de Paul. The ombudsperson position helps continue my research mission and engagement with employees, managers, supervisors and other leadership.
(DePaul Newsline.)

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