March 16, 2017

Academy of Management Ombuds Explains Independence

In a blog post for the AOM Ethics Education Committee, Ombuds Greg Stephens discusses the meaning and relevance of 'independence.' After introducing the concept and acknowledging the IOA standards, Stephens offers an explanation relevant for his organization: 

In practical terms, what this means is that we can help our “visitors” navigate the policies and procedures of the AOM organization, see their issues through different eyes, explore different ways of handling their concerns, and even deal with both parties in a dispute (again, acknowledging and abiding by expectations for confidentiality, impartiality, and neutrality). Because we are independent from formal disciplinary mechanisms, we are not obligated to reveal information shared in conversations with our visitors, nor are we expected to share individually identifiable issues with others in the AOM hierarchy. 
(AM Ethicist Blog.)

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