March 27, 2017

Job Posting: Palliser Regional Schools

The rapidly growing public school district in southern Alberta will be appointing its first Ombudsperson. The system enrolls 8,100 students in a wide range of educational setting including: 15 community schools; 10 faith-based alternative schools; two alternative programs for Low German-speaking Mennonite families; four outreach programs; 17 Hutterian colony schools; a home schooling program and an online and international program. According to a request for proposals: 

The Ombudsperson will act independently, reporting directly to the Board of Trustees and will have authority to handle internal and external stakeholder complaints. The Ombudsperson will investigate and resolve complaints, where possible, and make recommendations to the Palliser Regional Schools Board of Trustees for action, as appropriate. 
In addition, the Ombudsperson will report findings to the Board of Trustees and will have the authority to investigate allegations of retaliation for complaint filing. 
The role of the Ombudsperson is not to take away authority from already established legal and contractual avenues for complaint resolution. 
The role of the Ombudsperson will be evaluated at the end of one year to assess its value on an ongoing basis. The position is to be a contract position. Terms for the position will be negotiated with the successful applicant.
Proposals are Due April 11, 2017.  (Palliser RFP.)

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