March 07, 2017

Stellenbosch University Names Next Ombuds

The public research university, the oldest in South Africa, has appointed Rina Meyer to serve as its next Ombud. Her role will be, "to attend to problems and complaints of students, parents or staff in cases where the University structures are inadequate or unable to provide satisfactory solutions."  She succeeds Julian Sonn, who served for the past two years.  

Meyer is an attorney admitted to the Cape Bar since 1994 and has specialized in mediation, facilitation, and family law.  In her career, she has been a high school teacher, state prosecutor, advocate in the High Court, and law lecturer at the University of the Western Cape.  She graduated from the University of Pretoria, earned her teaching diploma from Stellenbosch, earned a second BA from the University of Johannesburg, and LLB from Stellenbosch.  (SUN Blog; LinkedIn.)

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