June 01, 2017

Authors Summarize ACUS Report on Ombuds

In December 2016, the Administrative Conference of the U.S. concluded a year-long review and adopted updated recommendations for Federal Ombuds.  Two of the authors of the report, "The Use of Ombuds in Federal Agencies," Carole Houk and Lauren Marx, have written their own summary.

Here's an excerpt:
Recommendation 2016-5 is an explicit acknowledgement of the unique value ombuds provide to constituents both internal and external to federal agencies. At the same time, it is a response to the exponential growth within the federal government of a relatively unknown profession, and the critical need to define, standardize, and promote best practices.

In addition to urging Congress and the President to create, fund, and otherwise support ombuds offices across the federal government, it provides detailed suggestions to agencies and Congress regarding how ombuds offices should be established and managed. Specifically, the Conference’s new Recommendation advises that all current and future ombuds offices should have the ability to, and be expected to, adhere to the three core ombuds standards of independence, confidentiality, and impartiality, and offers several procedural suggestions for doing so.

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