July 24, 2017

Job Posting: [Confidential Los Angeles Employer]

According to an exclusive posting on the IOA Career Center, " a greater Los Angeles area client [that] highly values the Ombuds role ... [is] seeking an Ombuds equally comfortable working with front line employees and Board members."  No other information regarding the organization is provided and no other posting for the position can be located online.

The posting seeks candidates with: 
  • Direct experience in workplace alternative dispute resolution and/or related Human Resources or Employee Relations work history demonstrating a working knowledge and understanding of civil rights, related legislation and a high level of expertise in mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Ability to manage a program of high priority and unlimited in terms of complexity, difficulty, sensitivity and consequence whose mission is to maintain an equitable and workable balance among employee groups.
No salary or closing date indicated.  (IOA Jobs.)

It's kind of a mystery.

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  1. So...
    Confidential search for confidential job for confidential employer?
    My spidey sense is tingling!!

    1. ^^^Comment of the year.^^^
      -Angry Ombuds

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