October 09, 2017

Job Posting: Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA

The national social justice network is hiring a part-time Ombudsperson. It appears that this will replace SWOP-USA's founding Ombuds, Smitty Buckler, who started the program last year.  The position will help implement and fine-tune national and chapter grievance policies, and listen to concerns from stakeholders. Buckler is a Seattle-based artist and health care activist or collective.

No particular qualifications are sought and preference will be given to applicants with:

  • Participation with community organizing, collectives, and activism by and for marginalized communities. Knowledge of alternative accountability processes. 
  • Knowledge of AR/AO principles and experience working or volunteering with sex worker communities. 
  • Empathy and conflict resolution skills. 
  • Personal experience with alienation from mainstream social justice organizations. 
  • People of color, gender-nonconforming and transgender individuals, people who have engaged with street-based economies or been impacted by the criminal justice system, and current or former sex workers and drug users are especially encouraged to apply.

The organization is headquartered in Walnut, CA, but it is not clear whether the Ombuds must work in that location. The position pays $20 per hour and applications are due October 22, 2017.  (SWOP-USA Job Posting; About Us.)

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