July 12, 2018

Ombuds Speaking at EEOC Training Conference

Today. three Ombuds will be presenting at the EXCEL Training Conference is sponsored by the EEOC's Training Institute. The annual conference is aimed at federal and private sector equal employment opportunity managers, supervisors, practitioners, HR professionals, attorneys and ADR specialists. One session of note focuses on Ombuds as change agents in federal agencies.

Here's a session description:
Better Together: How Ombuds and EEO Offices Can Collaborate to Transform Agency Cultures
Scott Deyo, Andrea Brown and Vikram Kapoor (Federal Audience)
Ombuds in the Federal government are adding tremendous value to, and transforming, agency cultures in cooperation with EEO, Diversity, Civil Rights, Human Resources, and Inspector General professionals. This workshop will identify the role of Ombuds, discuss professional standards, and provide examples and case studies. We will also share resources for those agencies wishing to start an Ombuds program.
Scott Deyo is an Ombuds with the National Parks Service; Andrea Brown is the Associate Ombudsman at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; and Vik Kapoor is an Ombuds with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. (EEOC EXCEL Agenda.)

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