October 03, 2018

Update: Amazon to Produce TV Show About a College Ombuds

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Amazon Studios will produce a half-hour TV show centered on the work of a college Ombuds. The comedy will be co-created and co-written by Whitney Cummings (2 Broke Girls) and Lee Daniels (Empire). Cummings will star.

Here are more details:
The comedy revolves around the staff of the ombudsman’s office at a college that navigates PC culture and the #metoo climate. The lead character, played by Cummings, must reconcile the dissonance between different generations of feminism, and the struggle to reconcile our primal desires, and socially constructed identities with current ethical obligations regarding race, class and gender.
(Deadline Hollywood.)

The real question here is: Who is consulting on this show? Cummings graduated from UPenn in 2004 and does not have any children. So, perhaps the show draws on her own experience. 

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  1. We should see if Lee Daniels and Whitney Cummings will come to the IOA conference and talk!

  2. Sounds like IOA's president and UPenn Ombuds, Marcia Martinez-Helfman, would be the perfect candidate to volunteer advisory services!

  3. Tom, you need to get a cameo! What could go wrong?

  4. oh what a perfect time for OOs to do "cameos" as our most outrageous cases...the audience would be convinced it was a comedy then - just a very very dark comedy...