August 21, 2008

DC Schools Ombuds Criticized for Slow Reporting, Praised for Hard Work

Education activists in the District of Columbia have been complaining that schools ombudsman Tonya Kinlow has failed to file timely reports on the activities of her office. According to the Washington Post, Kinlow did not post reports for March, April and May reports until after an activist complained to the council. Kinlow said she's trying to develop a better process to ensure that reports will be delivered monthly starting in the fall. "We want to make sure the information is accurate. I'm willing to hold it and make sure it's right, as opposed to rushing it and having to explain later," Kinlow said. (Washington Post.)

Meanwhile, the Congressional Record has published remarks by Rep. Charles Rangel from earlier this year commending Kinlow's work to improve the D.C. schools:
That office provides a venue for parents, teachers, and students to voice their frustrations and dissatisfaction with the low-performing school system, and to have investigations launched in order to address those complaints. Kinlow has an impressive record--she, of course, once worked for my office--and she demonstrates a fierce commitment to service that should serve her well in her new post.

(Congressional Record.)

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