August 07, 2008

Top Conversation Hacks

Lifehacker offers ten simple conversational skills to help you recognize what's really being said and help you lead the discussion your way.
10. Feign sincerity with eye contact and repetition.
9. End a conversation with body language.
8. Ask sensitive questions indirectly to skip awkwardness.
7. Use silence to win arguments and nail a negotiation.
6. Soften critiques with the sandwich method.
5. Say "no" gently—or say "yes, but...."
4. Ask questions well.
3. De-code office jargon.
2. "Pace and lead" an irate person.
1. Become a human lie detector.

Ombuds employ many of these techniques intuitively, but the list may be helpful for socially challenged visitors. (Lifehacker.)

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  1. Useful tips, thanks for sharing those. Equipping ourselves with conversation skills can really help us during difficult situations. We'll know how to handle that situation if we have the skills in conversation like knowing how to break the ice.