December 17, 2008

Advice to Mediators from an External Ombuds

Chuck Doran has been a mediator and conflict resolution trainer for over 16 years, and finds great fulfillment and purpose in his work. In addition, he has served as a Classical Ombudsman as chair of the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution and as an external Organizational Ombuds for a private company in Boston with 800 employees. He writes about his experiences and provides a cogent overview in the NE-ACR winter newsletter. Doran notes suggests that “Mediators looking to make a living in this field may be interested to know that today there are more, and usually more long-lasting, job opportunities for ombudsmen than for mediators.” (NE-ACR News.)

Note: The NE-ACR newsletter is usually available only to members and I gratefully acknowledge this exception to share Doran's article.

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