December 09, 2008

Ombuds Offer Insights on Dispute Systems Design

The Harvard Negotiation Law Review has published articles by participants at the Dispute Systems Design Symposium earlier this year at Harvard Law School. Three are by Ombuds.
  • Mary Rowe, the MIT Ombuds, provides an illustrative case for her article, “Systems for Dealing with Conflict and Learning from Conflict—Options for Complaint-Handling.” Rowe also contributed a second article, “An Organizational Ombuds Office In a System for Dealing with Conflict and Learning from Conflict, or ‘Conflict Management System’.”
  • David Miller, the World Health Organization Ombuds, discusses, “Managing Cultural Differences In An International Organization Conflict Management System.”
  • Brian Bloch, the Ombuds for ISKCONResolve, writes about, “Creating a Faith-Based Conflict Management System.”
Rowe and Bloch also provide a valuable tool for analyzing your organization's conflict management system. (Harvard Negotiation Law Review Online; Dispute Systems Design Symposium 2008 Discussion Forum; Analyzing your Conflict Management System Chart.)

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