December 07, 2008

Mount Holyoke Ombuds Interviewed

Mount Holyoke College's Ombuds, Carol Stewart, was interviewed by the campus newspaper. She has served as the college's Ombuds since July 2007. The location of her office will certainly sound familiar to many Ombuds.
In the Wilder basement, if you follow the gray signs with mysterious black arrows through the darkened bends and winding corners, they will lead you to the office of the Ombudsperson, Carol Stewart.

Once inside, though, people probably don't want to leave.
Stewart's office doesn't feel like an office at all. It feels as if someone picked up a cozy loft apartment and placed it in the dark recesses of the Wilder basement. Soft lamplight glows across couches and ottomans with intricate, speckled, red, orange and green patterns. Hung on the salmon-colored walls are Stewart's collection of green clocks made from plates, adding a touch of Martha Stewart to the atmosphere. * * * Immediately you feel at home in her office. And it's not just the couch, the salmon walls or the toys that make you feel this way-its Carol's soothing voice and happy demeanor.

Stewart has an eight year old son and is completing a Master's degree in Public Policy and Administration at University of Massachusetts. (Mount Holyoke News.)

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