March 29, 2024

ENOHE Opens Registration for 2024 Conference in Portugal

The European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education has announced details for its 19th annual conference. The event will be hosted by University Beira Interior in Covilhã, Portugal. The theme is "From Plato's Academy to Portugal: Democracy, Diversity, and the Role of the Ombudsperson in Higher Education." The conference will be preceded by a Training Activity Programme for up to 20 participants.

Here is the current agenda:

Training Activity Programme
Monday 12 June and Tuesday 13 June 2023, 9.00 – 18.00

The Training Activity Programme will take up to 20 participants through exploring where they fit in the ombudsperson ‘landscape’; what skills and knowledge they should bring to the role; and what policies and procedures they already have or need to develop.

Cost for ENOHE members (including training materials, refreshments and lunch) €130
Cost for non-members (including training materials, refreshments and lunch) €150

Wednesday 12 June, Thursday 13 June, and Friday 14 June

The 2024 ENOHE conference will include a mix of plenary sessions and working sessions in a variety of formats and a considerable social programme. There will also be keynote speeches on relevant topics in the world of higher education.

Wednesday, 12 June 2023

Welcome to UBI

First Plenary
To be confirmed
Concurrent Sessions
  • 1
First results of the European Erasmus+ project BRAVIOO. Cooperation between European University Ombudsmen (UC3M and UBI) with several universities in Argentina (UNC, UNNE), Bolivia (UTEPSA, UNIVALLE), Chile (UAI, UFRO) and Honduras (UNAH, UPNFM); Speaker: Emilio Olías Ruiz
  • 2
2a: Social Security at Universities as a Sustainable Result of the Ombudsperson’s Job; Speakers: Kateřina Šámalová, Monika Čajko Eibicht
2b: POST-CARE and healing: what, when, why and how? The experience from Academy of Fine Arts Prague; Speaker: Klára Čmolíková Cozlová
Lunch, poster walk, and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 3
3a: Ombudsperson and students’ associations: peers at 100%? A case study in Portugal; Speakers: Rosa Maria Vasconcelos, Berta Batista
3b: Ombuds´ contribution to the transparent governance procedures in higher education institutions: some examples from Spain & Portugal; Speakers: Mª Elena Gómez, Sara Sousa, Ángel Rodríguez
  • 4
Inclusive Excellence and Conflict Transformation: The Ombudsperson's Role in Fostering Well-Being and Belonging in Higher Education; Speaker: Diedrick Graham
Coffee, poster walk, and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 5
Listening in the practice of the Ombudsperson’s work; Speaker: Jan Galkowski
  • 6
6a: To ‘say what needs to be said’ while maintaining collaborative relationships?; Speaker: Franco Parrella
6b: Democracy and the Rule of Law? The Ombuds and University Codes of Conduct; Speakers: Ryan Smith, Ursula Meiser
6 & 8
  • 7: The Ombud’s Delicate Use of Soft Power/Moral Suasion: Transformation over Co-option; Speakers: Natalie Sharpe, Josef Leidenfrost
  • 8: “verba volant scriptae manent”: Three insights on how (and for whom and how often) to write ombuds reports; Speakers: Anna-Katharina Rothwangl, Anna Cybulko, Emilio Olias Ruiz
Social event

Thursday, 13 June 2023

Second Plenary
To be confirmed
Coffee and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 9
Looking after ourselves: relaxation and resilience in the face of adversity; Speakers: Ursula Meiser, Jean Grier
  • 10
Democracy in higher education: How students perceive it, and what ombudspersons can contribute to develop the democratic culture in the university; Speakers: Doris Kiendl, Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira, Lothar Henry Fickert, Afonso Gomes
Lunch and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 11
Reconceptualising Ombuds Practice to Improve Mental Health Through Meaning Mindset Theory (MMT), the Stoic Dichotomy of Control, and the EAR (Empathy, Attention and Respect) Approach; Speakers: Brent Epperson, Laura Armstrong
  • 12
To be confirmed
Concurrent Sessions
  • 13
Addressing Gender-Based Violence (details to be confirmed); Speakers: Michaela Antonín Malaníková, Josari Fernanda Mendoza Vazquez, Jorge António Ribeiro Pereira, Zuzana Andreská, Pelin Zenginoğlu
  • 14
14a: Peacebuilding and peaceful conflict resolution in the university environment; Speaker: Dante Jaime Haro Reyes
14b: How to deal with irresolvable disagreement in a rational way: the philosophical debate about disagreement and its importance for ombuds; Speaker: Markus Seethaler
ENOHE General Assembly

Gala Dinner (spouses welcome at additional cost – must be pre-booked)

Friday, 14 June 2023
Third Plenary
To be confirmed
Concurrent Sessions
  • 15
Stand in someone's shoes; Speakers: Lucie Tesařová, Hana Galiová
  • 16
The Ombuds Profession and its Grand Design: Voices from our Partners (roundtable); Speakers: Josef Leidenfrost, Jean Grier, Guadalupe Barrena, Carolyn Brandon
Lunch and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 17
Prepared for the worst: How (if possible) to prevent extreme campus violence; Speakers: Brent Epperson, Pavla Špondrová, David Schwartz
  • 18
ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME: from Rome towards a (European) legal framework; Speaker: Anna-Katharina Rothwangl
Concurrent Sessions
  • 19
Do ombuds investigations have the potential to improve graduate supervision?; Speakers: Brent Epperson, Heather McGhee Peggs, Julie Boncompain
  • 20
Ombudspersons' institutions throughout European Higher Education Area.  Presentation and panel discussion of data analysis focusing on the existence and ways of implementing the (student) ombudspersons’ office in EHEA countries; Speakers: Jaroslav Šotola, Jorge António Ribeiro Pereira
Plenary farewell

Social Event

Registration for the training and conference is now open. (ENOHE Conf Info; Agenda.)

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