November 26, 2007

University of Iowa Ombuds Profiled

Cynthia Joyce, the full-time ombuds for the University of Iowa, is profiled in the campus newsletter for faculty and staff. Joyce was hired in 2005 after looking for an university ombuds job for six years. She says, "that’s a sign that universities are moving away from hiring solely from within to hiring people who are professionally trained in conflict resolution." When asked about the most positive aspect of her work, Joyce explains:
It’s tremendously satisfying when I’m able to help someone with a problem, particularly a problem that’s gone on for a long time. Problems often have been percolating for quite some time before someone decides to sit down, face-to-face, to discuss it. I also find it very satisfying to facilitate difficult meetings, to help people address issues directly and come up with a solution. I follow up on situations and that’s when I’ll sometimes hear, “Things have improved, my relationship with X is better than it’s ever been.” I get a real high when I hear that and it keeps me motivated.

Words that will resonate with any ombuds. (U Iowa Staff & Faculty News.)

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