August 27, 2009

Camosun College Ombuds Fights Firing

Gary Insley, the Ombuds for students at the community college in Victoria, BC, was terminated August 5, shortly after returning from a 16-month medical leave. Although Insley has a five-year contract through 2010, he says he was given little explanation for his firing. "There was no discussion -- I was simply called in for a meeting ... and it was done," he said. Camosun's HR director said there was not a problem with Insley's performance but would not comment further. Insley has has hired an attorney to fight the dismissal. Camosun's Ombudsman position is now filled on an interim basis. (Victoria Times Colonist.)


  1. A wise mentor once told me, "You can't ombuds for yourself."

  2. A reminder that at the end of the day, ombuds are employees and can be treated just as unfairly as the visitors they see.