March 23, 2009

ADR Conference in New York

The American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution holds its 11th Annual Conference in New York City April 15-18 (the same dates as the joint Ombuds conference in Montreal). The annual spring meeting is the largest ADR conference in the world and attracts more than 1,200 attendees. Sessions that may be interesting to Ombuds include:
  • Designing Justice: Dispute System Design and Justice in Education, Courts, Communities, and Employment;
  • Yes! Corporate America Still Uses ADR;
  • Institutionalizing ADR—Starting and Successfully Maintaining an In-House ADR Program
  • Establishing an Integrated Healthcare Dispute Resolution Program; and
  • It’s More Than the Money: The Non-Economic Subtext of Employment Litigation and Mediation.
(ABA ADR Conf. Info.)


  1. None of the ombuds orgs (IOA, IOI, USOA) are represented at this. Shouldn't we demand a place at the table with mediators and rent-a-judges?

  2. prof. dr. Gregor van der Burght LL.M.5/09/2009 5:14 AM

    Looking for adr conference near Montreal in July