March 04, 2007

Purdue Takes Next Step Toward Ombuds for Employees

Purdue University has unveiled a new campaign to increase diversity on its campus. Under the plan, known as Mosaic, the university plans to spend $8 million in the next five years, above the $16 million a year it now allocates toward making the university more diverse. Part of that money will go toward hiring an ombudsman who will respond to the complaints of employees. At present, Purdue has an ombuds office only for graduate students. (BoilerStation; Mosaic Plan.)


  1. A university with a headship system instead of a chair system really does need an ombudsman, especially for women and minorities who cannot always find an ally to represent them in the face of the cronies.

  2. The employee ombudsman could be helpful for department heads who are mentally tortured by Deans. There is at least one Dean at Purdue who tells his dept heads in clear terms "You work for me, I can remove you." This treatment of heads is akin to that of servants in the Indian and the British system. We all know that a dept head serves at the pleasure of the Dean, and mentally abusive. Also, the Dean's sometimes lie to protect their turf. Ombudsman can bring such lies into public light.

  3. Purdue definitely needs an ombudsman for ALL employees, not only for women and minoities but for ALL. As an official Purdue retiree, I know of current cases that have occurred to outstanding teachers who are not tenured, and have lost their jobs. They were permanent part-time lecturers who have been teaching for a long time at Purdue and have outstanding evaluations from the students. Who can say that these individuals are not as qualified as tenured faculty! Besides, they do not get that much monetary contributions for their abilities and dedication!!!!!