November 09, 2008

City of Flint Ombuds Shuttered by Budget Cuts

Brenda Purifoy, the Ombudsman for the Michigan City, said she has been forced to laying off her entire staff and defer pending cases because of budget cuts. The office investigates complaints of government wrongdoing pursuant to a city charter, had four employees in addition to Purifoy. City-wide budget cuts are currently the subject of pending litigation. Purifoy has asked the court to revisit the latest ruling on the city's budget that failed to address the Ombudsman's budget. "I'm just floored," Purifoy said. "It's been very difficult." Unless funding is restored, Purifoy herself will be out of work in March 2009. (Flint Journal; ABC12.)

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  1. Brenda Purifoy Needs everyones help. I am not a resident in the city of Flint but my brother was. This office has had to lay off all her staff due to the budget cuts the violat the city charter. I Meet this Ombudsmans staff due to the murder of my Brother in the city of flint which happened to be the first murder in the city in 2008. Now Our family went to the police and was treated like crimainal. they would not take any information concerning the person that was involve in the murder they would not take eveidance nothing. less than a month later it was determined that it was jusafible and that was that. My Mother, nephew and my self tried every office we cold and was told there was nothig we could do. then we went to the Ombudsmans office and gave them the information and filed a complaint. It has take a while but when we called we always talke to a person. The Investagator Tony Mills was very nice and honest with us. never once talking like we were idots nothing. I want to return the help they gave us and get as many as I can to stop the City council from closing this office. They are voting 11/19/2008 to put the office on the ballot to close the office. If this happens the people in flint will not have a voice. if there is any way any one can help save this office Please contact Brenda Purifoy. There are people out there that has made me mad to the point I will go to flint to help the people in this cause as I said I do not live in flint. but I still have the truth to tell in favor of this office. also email me if you have any Idea,s I can do to help keep this office open. Support the peoples Voice Support the Flint city Ombudsman. Thanks for your time.