December 03, 2009

Job Posting: Binghamton University

The public research university in Vestal, New York is hiring an Ombuds for faculty, staff and students. The position reports directly to the President of Binghamton University, the State University of New York, and operates according to IOA standards. Applicants should have an advanced degree and/or significant prior experience in "dispute resolution/arbitration" and "knowledge of, or experience in, formal Ombudsman training." The position pays $70,000+ (depending upon experience and qualifications). No closing date. (Binghamton HR.)

Sometimes its clear that the job postings are written by people who haven't taken the time or don't truly understand the role of the Ombuds office. In this case, it should be entirely irrelevant whether applicants have arbitration experience. That sort of decision making is outside the scope of the Ombuds' work.

This job posting is a relief to some who had worried that the Ombuds position at Binghampton would remain vacant. (Francine Montemurro, who established the office, recently moved to Boston University to set up its first program.) Due to budget cuts, many organizations have deferred replacing Ombuds who have left or retired. Binghamton apparently realizes an Ombuds office is an important resource and this reflects well on Montemurro's work.

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