September 03, 2013

Job Posting: International Committee of the Red Cross

The Swiss humanitarian organization that protects the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence and provides them with assistance, expands its Ombuds services by creating two new positions: Ombuds for Asia and the Middle East and Ombuds for Africa. Both of these resident positions will be field-based.

The ICRC Ombuds will provide services in accordance with IOA principles and standards to approximately 5,000 staff members each and interact with management in about 50 structures on the respective continent. The Ombuds will build up a network of trusted peers ("Ombuds Relays") in these structures. The positions report to the ICRC Ombuds in Geneva, Reto Meister. The initial mandate is four years. The origin of the candidate should be on the respective continent. For further details, please ask for the complete vacancy notice at

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