September 04, 2013

CERN Ombuds Reports on First Three Years

Vincent Vuillemi, the Ombuds at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, says that about three percent of CERN staff members have used his services each year since he opened the office three years ago. He notes that women use the office at greater rates than men.

He also says:
As far as the issues brought to the Ombuds are concerned, a very similar picture has emerged each year. The relationships between supervisees and supervisors dominate the statistics. This may be due to the fact that people who are competent in their field are promoted to supervisory positions because they possess the technical skills but without having any in-depth training in managing people, and not everyone is gifted with a natural aptitude for leadership. Efforts to promote a style of leadership that goes beyond simply directing would go some way to addressing this issue in the long-term.
He concludes by arguing that management should keep the Ombuds position to promote the long-term well being of CERN's employees. (CERN Bulletin.)

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