January 24, 2017

IOA Announces Agenda for Minneapolis Conference

The International Ombudsman Association has posted details of its 13th annual conference set for Minneapolis, April 21-23.  While the full agenda is not yet complete, most of the speakers and topics have been announced.  For the first time, conference organizers are trying to give attendees more information by indicating the level of experience and sector (industry) for each session.

Day One – Monday, April 24, 2017


Mary Rowe Honorary Keynote Address, “Ombuds Compendium – A Look Back, where we are now, and a look forward,” Ilene Butensky, CO-OPVice President, Office of the Ombuds, Eaton Corporation

Keynote Address, “From Observation to Engagement: Developing Bystander Efficacy to Address Problematic Behaviors,” Loraleigh Keashly, Associate Professor in the Department of Communications, Wayne State University


Concurrent Sessions 1
1. Adaptive Action: Beyond Systems Thinking (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Glenda EoyangFounding Executive Director, Human Systems Dynamics Institute; Jan Morse, Ombudsman and Director, University of Minnesota

2. Mentor or Tormentor? Helping Promote Positive Mentor-Mentee Relationships in Our Institutions (Level: Intermediate; Sector: Academic), Francine MontemurroUniversity Ombuds, Boston University; Melissa BrodrickOmbudsperson, Harvard Medical School; Judi SegallOmbudsperson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

3. Organizational Ombuds Office: Vision, Implementation and First-year Challenges (Level: Intermediate; Sector: Fundamental), 
Karen DeanSenior Ombudsman, United States Patent and Trademark Office; Laura Hyle, Ombudsman Director, Baylor College of Medicine

4. Research Collaboration: Misunderstandings, Conflicts and Misconduct (Level: Advanced; Sector: Academic, Other), Nancy DayFaculty Ombudsperson, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Mary Sue LoveFaculty Ombudsperson & Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville; Gregory StephensMediator & Professor, Texas Christian University

5. Discussing the Undiscussable (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), Wayne BlairUniversity Ombuds and Director University Ombuds OfficeUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

6. Operationalizing Fairness as an Organizational Ombudsman (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Andrew Larratt-Smith, CO-OPUniversity Ombuds, University of California, Riverside

Concurrent Sessions 2

7. Advocacy of the Ombuds Office Without Losing One’s Neutrality (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Sana Manjeshwar, CO-OPOmbuds Manager, Chevron; Melinda MinerManaging Ombudsman, Haliburton; Scott Deyo, CO-OP, Ombudsman Consultant; Wendy FriedeCO-OP, Consulting Ombuds, Friede Consulting Services

8. Should Ombuds Work with Groups? (Level: Advanced; Sector: All), Ellen Goldstein, CO-OPOmbuds, University of California, San Francisco; Rita Callahan, CO-OPOmbuds, University of California, San Francisco

9. Education Conflict Resolution: Establishing Ombuds Programs in K-12 Schools (Level: Intermediate; Sector: Academic), Speakers: Charles HowardGeneral Counsel & Partner, Shipman & Goodwin, LLP; Joyanna SmithOmbudsman for Public Education; Esther SalinasOmbuds Officer, Pasadena Unified School District; Nancy Deering, CO-OPOmbudsman, Newark Public Schools

10. Assessing and Demonstrating the Value of an Ombuds Office (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), Timothy HedeenUniversity Ombuds and Professor of Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University; Mary RoweFormer Ombuds & Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

11. Let’s NOT go to Abilene: Examining Group Decision-making (Level: Intermediate; Sector: Academic, Corporate, Government, Non-profit), Nicholas RaichartAssociate Ombudsperson, University of California, San Diego

12. Caroami: An Artificial Intelligence-guided Dispute Resolution App for Campus Dorms (Level: Fundamental; Sector: Academic), Conchita SerriOmbuds, Pomona College

Day One – Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Keynote Address, “
Transforming Trauma – How to Do This Work and Stay Sane,” 
Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, MSW

Concurrent Sessions 3

13. Ombudsman 2.0: Advancing Systemic Practice (Level: Advanced; Sector: All), David MichaelDeputy Ombudsman, National Institutes of Health; Sarah Kith, CO-OPDispute Resolution Convener, Library of Congress

14. The Left Brain: Changing Organizations With Strategic Use of Data (Level: Intermediate/Advanced; Sector: Academic, Corporate, International, Non-Profit), John BarkatAssistant Secretary General, United Nations; Francisco Espejo, Regional Ombudsman, United Nations

15. Managing Your Ombuds Career: Tips for Aspiring and Existing Ombuds (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Sana Manjeshwar, CO-OPOmbuds Manager, Chevron

16. Understanding the Ombuds-leader Relationship (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), Mary Conger, Doctoral Candidate at University of Pennsylvania

17. Opening an Ombuds Office and Beyond: Version 2.0 (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Roy BarroffFaculty Ombuds, North Carolina State; Brett HarrisOmbudsperson, University of Oregon

18. Working with Victims of Bullying (Level: Fundamental; Sector: Academic, Corporate, Government, Healthcare), Brad HollandOmbuds, University of Virginia

Concurrent Sessions 4

19. Academic Writing for the Ombuds (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Shannon Lynn BurtonAssociate University Ombudsperson, Michigan State University

20. What Would You Do? Navigating Ethical Principle Dilemmas (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), The IOA Mentoring Committee: Melissa Connell, CO-OPDirector, Ombuds Office, University of Colorado, Denver; Dolores Gomez-Moran, CO-OPOmbudsman, Pan American Health Organization; Lynne ChaillatEMEA Ombuds, McKinsey & Company; Donna Douglass-Williams, CO-OPDirector, Ombuds Programs, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Shreya Trivedi, CO-OPUniversity Ombuds Officer, University of Central Florida; Mary Beth Stevens, CO-OPOmbudsman, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Ronnie ThomsonCorporate Ombudsman, Halliburton

21. The Ombuds Role in Creating More Compassionate Workplaces (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), 
Elisa Enriquez, CO-OPSenior Associate Ombudsman, Los Alamos National Laboratory

22. When International Politics Come to the Workplace (Level: Advanced; Academic, Corporate, Governmental, International)John BarkatAssistant Secretary General, United Nations

23. Student Unrest: A Fourfold Emergency Management Metaphor for Ombuds (Level: Fundamental; Sector: Academic), Angela DashDirector, Ombuds, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Katherine Greenwood, CO-OP, Director, Office of the Ombuds, University of California, Davis

24. Resilience and Wellbeing for Ombudsmen (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), Sarah Kith, CO-OPDispute Resolution Convener, Library of Congress

Day Three – Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Plenary Session, “The Dignity Model,” Camilo AzcarateManager of Mediation Services, World Bank

Un-debateMore information coming soon!


Concurrent Sessions 5

25. Unique Lens: The Overlap of Ombudsry with Other Professions (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All). Caroline Adams, CO-OPCampus Ombuds and Director, University of California, Santa Barbara; Elizabeth HillAssociate Ombuds, University of Colorado, Boulder; Nancy Deering, CO-OP, Ombudsman, Newark Public Schools; Guy Weber, CO-OPAssociate Ombudsman, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; Tyler SmithAssociate Ombudsman, Office of the Ombudsman, Center for Cooperative Resolution, National Institute of Health

26. Risky Business: Ombudsman’s Contribution to the Organization’s Risk Mitigation Efforts (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), Konstantina VitoratouOmbudsman, National Bank of Greece; Stylianos KarvelasDeputy Ombudsman, National Bank of Greece

27. Navigating the Unknown: The Rise and Expansion of Federal Ombuds (Level: Intermediate; Sector: Academic, Corporate, Government, International), Carol HoukCEO, chiResolutions, LLC; Mary RoweFormer Ombuds & Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Lauren MarxDeputy Program Manager, chiResolutions, LLC; Timothy HedeenProfessor of Conflict Management and Ombudsman, Kennesaw State University; Deborah KatzLawyer and Conflict Management Expert

28. Working with Groups: An Interactive Exercise (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Linda Brothers & Tyler SmithAssociate Ombudsmen, Office of the Ombudsman, Center for Cooperative Resolution National Institutes of Health

29. Self-care: Wellness, Sustainability and Tools for Ethical Ombuds Practice (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Mindy EavesOmbudsman, Jefferson County Public Schools

30. Ombuds Interventions – Bringing Cases Forward (Level: Advanced; Sector: All), 
Melanie Lewis-Jagneaux, CO-OPPrincipal Ombuds, Baker Hughes; Ilene Butensky, CO-OPVice President Office of the Ombuds, Eaton Corporation; Mim Gaetano, CO-OPCorporate Ombudsman, Mars, Inc.; Donna Douglass Williams, CO-OPDirector, Ombuds Program, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Concurrent Sessions 6

31. Cow Savvy and Communication Skills – Cowboy Ombudsing (Level: Fundamental; Sector: All), Rick Anderson, CO-OPPresident, Rick Anderson Consulting, Ltd.

32. How Much is Conflict Costing Your Organization? (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), C. McKenna LangFaculty Ombudsperson, Seattle University

33. Measuring Organization-wide Perceptions of the Ombuds Office (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), Shereen BinghamProfessor & Ombudsperson, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Andrea GriffinAssistant Professor of Management, Indiana University Northwest; Bryan HansonAssociate Director, Creighton University; Tyler SmithAssociate Ombudsperson, National Institutes of Health

34. Starting Where the Client is...and Other Lessons from Social Work (Level: Fundamental; Sector: Academic, Corporate, Governmental, Healthcare, Non-Profit), Karen GreenUniversity Ombudsperson, Shepherd University

35. The Debate in Ombuds’ Record Retention and Data Management (Level: Intermediate; Sector: All), Kerry EgdorfOmbuds, Marquette University; Shannon Lynn BurtonAssociate University Ombudsperson, Michigan State University

36. 2016 Clery Handbook: Implications and Best Practices for the Ombudsman (Level: Intermediate; Sector: Academic, Corporate, Governmental, Non-Profit), Ruthy Kohorn RosenbergUniversity Ombudsperson, Brown University; Linda Falkson, CO-OPDirector Ombudsman Office, Cornell University; Marcia Martinez-HelfmanAssociate Ombudsman, University of Pennsylvania; Bruce J. MacAllisterExecutive Director and Senior Principal, Business Excellence Solutions; Charles L. HowardPartner & General Counsel, Shipman & Goodwin, LLP

Registration for the conference is now open.  (IOA 2017 Conf Info.)

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