January 27, 2017

Montgomery College Adopts All of its Ombuds' Recommendations

Montgomery College President DeRionne P. Pollard has announced the wholesale adoption of the recommendations made by the college's Ombuds, Julie Schwartz, in her latest annual report.

The recommendations were:
Ombuds Recommendation 1: Collaboratively develop, adopt, and implement both a Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct for all Montgomery College employees. 
Ombuds Recommendation 2: Support and enhance managerial competencies and best practice by regularly soliciting feedback from employee and building professional development plans considering the results of 360-degree feedback. 
Ombuds Recommendation 3: Critically examine the employee experience and take affirmative steps to ensure an inclusive workplace for all employees. Provide a fair and efficient process to address employee concerns about identity-related inequities, including those rising to the level of discrimination. 
Ombuds Recommendation 4: Critically examine the employee experience and address challenges related to the service provided to employees in the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint process as well as the employee and labor relations processes. Ensure fair, efficient, and confidential processes to address employee concerns. 
Ombuds Recommendation 5: Commit to continue to provide the Montgomery College community with access to the Office of the Ombuds by allocating sufficient resources to maintain the quality of the service, including identifying new office space; allocating positions and recruiting for an associate ombuds and administrative support person; and providing a modest, independent budget for training, materials, and other needs.

(Inside MC.)

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