August 29, 2007

Why Your Website Needs a Photo

Dina Lynch, mediator and former ombuds, counts herself as an occasional member of the "Photo-Haters Club." You, too, might be a member if you've ever thought:
  • I must admit I hate having my picture taken.
  • I take a terrible photo.
  • I don't need a headshot
  • I'm an [ombuds] not a movie star
  • It doesn't make a difference if my picture is there or not.
So if your website doesn't feature your picture, Dina urges you to change your mind. As she explains, this is a bad move "because people do business with people they like and trust, not highly polished, professional brochures or websites." Dispute resolution "is a trust based business so marketing should help increase that connection of trust, not deplete it." (Mediation Mensch.) It's good advice for ombuds.

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