August 23, 2007

More Details Emerge Regarding DC School Ombuds

Although the DC Public Schools have not yet selected its ombuds, more information about the ombuds program has become public. According to the Washington Post, the new Office of the Ombudsman for Public Education will be staffed by three people: the director and lead ombuds, who will earn $92,700 to $139,050 a year; an associate ombudsman, who is expected to earn $85,000 a year; and an administrator, who will be paid $50,000 a year. The office has an initial budget of $440,000. In addition to providing dispute resolution assistance, the ombuds office will be expected to implement a database to track complaints and issues, and to provide frequent reports to the mayor, deputy mayor for education, chancellor, and State Board of Education. (Washington Post.)

So far, this all sounds good.

(Prior post DC Schools Close to Hiring Ombuds.)

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