March 31, 2008

New Gallaudet Website Features Video Welcome

The Ombuds at Gallaudet University, Suzy Rosen Singleton, has rolled out a new website for her office. The highlight is an embedded, five minute video of Singleton signing an introduction and overview. (Gallaudet Ombuds.)

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Although the technology is cutting edge (for Ombuds), the effect is warm and welcoming. Singleton's video comes shortly after the debut of a video featuring Beverly Ortega Babers, the Red Cross Ombuds. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a trend.

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  1. Suzy Rosen Singleton4/02/2008 8:28 AM

    Thanks Tom for sharing the news about these videoclips. I do want to emphasize that such videoclips must be closed or open captioned prior to being broadcasted in order to ensure universal access to all visitors. I have spoken to Beverly Babers who has not committed to implementing such an essential revision to her videoclip. If you would like more information about captioning your videoclip, please check my website at