September 15, 2008

UC Riverside Ombuds Expands Extern/Intern Program

Indu Sen, the Ombuds for the University of California Riverside, has announced that a UCR student will hold the first Forrest S. Mosten Internship in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies. Sen also hopes to appoint a second, paid internship funded by Southern California Mediation Association shortly. At that point, the UCR Ombuds Office will have an extern performing the functions of an Associate Ombudsman, and two interns performing non-confidential duties and developing a campus mediation program. Sen says that offices struggling with a lack of resources can find creative ways to find help and be more effective.

1 comment:

  1. Great example of "an old dog doing new tricks."
    Indu should be an inspiration to many, to try to do things differently and better.