March 31, 2009

Journal of IOA Publishes Second Volume

The Journal of the International Ombudsman Association, Volume 2, has just been published. Articles include:
  • Considering an IOA Research Agenda Alan Jay Lincoln, Mary Rowe and Tom Sebok encourage the membership to begin the important discussion about research priorities, defining and operationalizing concepts, developing additional ethical guidelines consistent with Ombuds standards of practice.
  • Providing Oversight to Comprehensive Systems Ralph Hasson provides an overview of comprehensive conflict management systems along with a set of principles and flexible framework for developing and evaluating oversight procedures.
  • Dealing With — Or Reporting — “Unacceptable” Behavior Mary Rowe, Linda Wilcox and Howard Gadlin explain why some people waiver, rather than acting effectively to stop behavior they find to be unacceptable.
  • Good Intentions Gone Astray: How the ABA Standards Affect OmbudsmenSara Thacker addresses the development of the ombuds profession and the impact of the ABA standards on the establishment and operation of ombuds offices.
  • Bystander Training Within Organizations Maureen Scully and Mary Rowe discuss the significance of the bystander role and review the challenges for bystanders in moving from a passive to an active stance.
  • Military Chaplaincy and Ombudsing D.A. Graham shares his experiences as a military chaplain and organizational ombuds, and concludes the two professions are more similar than different.
  • Recent Developments: A Legal Perspective Tom Kosakowski summarizes significant developments in U.S. legislation and case law relating to Organizational Ombuds in the year ending January 2009.
The Journal is available from the IOA website. (JIOA, vol. 2.)

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