April 13, 2008

Journal of IOA Releases First Issue

Less than a year after being approved by the Board of Directors, the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association has become a reality. The new publication will focus on research and issues for and about the Ombuds profession with particular attention to organizational Ombuds and their concerns. The inaugural issue of JIOA includes three original, peer-reviewed articles:
  • "Comparing Apples to Apples: Development of the IOA Uniform Reporting Categories," by Beatriz Dale, David Miller and Tom Sebok;
  • "Scenario-Based Performance Assessment: Evaluating the Work of Ombuds," by Susan Kee-Young Park; and
  • "Shared Global Interest in Skillfully Applying IOA Standards of Practice," by Nancy Erbe and Tom Sebok.
The journal will feature regular summaries of recent research and legal developments. It is available only online. (JIOA.)

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