May 03, 2009

ADR Blog Directory Hits Milestone

In 2006, Diane Levin, began the to catalog blogs that discuss ADR, negotiation, consensus building, negotiation, conflict resolution, and human-centered innovations in law and justice. Now known as the World Directory of ADRblogs, the recently marked a major milestone by adding its 200th blog. Although Levin has a category for Ombuds Blogs, there are only two entries so far. Nonetheless, this is a remarkable resource for all Ombuds. It is easy to spend a couple hours looking at the collected blogs. (World Directory of ADR Blogs via Mediation Channel.)

1 comment:

  1. Tom, thanks kindly for the shout-out for this ongoing project. I really appreciate it. (And who knows - hopefully one day there'll be many more entries for the "ombuds" category!)