May 26, 2009

University of Pennsylvania Appoints Ombuds

President Amy Gutmann has announced that Joan F. Goodman, PhD, will become the University Ombudsman on July 1, 2009, succeeding John Keene. “I am confident that the expertise, judgment, and compassion that Joan Goodman will bring to this role will be employed to very good effect on behalf of the Penn community,” said Gutmann. Dr. Goodman has been a tenured professor in the Graduate School of Education since in 1994. Her prior experience includes service as a school psychologist as well as practicing and teaching applied psychology at hospitals for children in Washington, D.C., Oakland, California, and in Philadelphia. Her current primary research interest is moral education, both theoretical and applied. She is has written more than 40 articles and chapters and is the author or co-author of several books, most recently Moral Education: A Teacher-Centered Approach. (UPenn Almanac.)

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