May 31, 2009

Stanley V. Anderson: Author and Researcher

The University of California Santa Barbara Emeritus Professor passed away unexpectedly on May 26, 2009. Anderson was well known for his research on the Ombuds profession. Comprehensive bibliographies on the Ombuds field always include several of his works, most especially:
  • "Comparing Classical and Executive Ombudsmen," Executive Ombudsmen in the United States (1973), edited by Alan J. Wyner Berkeley, CA, University of California, Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies
  • “Ombud Research: A Bibliographical Essay,” 2 The Ombudsman Journal (1982), pp. 32-84
  • “Ombudsmen Readings,” International Ombudsman Institute (1982)
Anderson was the former Chair of the American Bar Association Ombudsman Committee and was a plenary speaker at the USOA conference in 2006. Long-time colleague John Moore said, "Stan's work on the ombudsman was his major contribution to both scholarship and community service. With respect to ombudsmen studies, no one enjoys greater prominence than Stan Anderson." His research interests continued after retirement, and this year he published a new book, Reform in a Prison Hospital: A Doctor and an Ombudsman Blow the Whistle. (UCSB Dept. of Political Science.)

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