June 02, 2009

Job Posting: Department of Interior

The Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution is hiring two GS 11/12 specialists to assist in leading Department-wide implementation of DOI’s integrated conflict management system known as CORE PLUS (see BLM and FWS CORE PLUS offices). The incumbents will manage the DOI roster of inhouse neutrals, and perform the functions of a CORE PLUS Coordinator, trainer and mediator. Applicants must have a doctoral degree or qualifying specialized experience, which includes work as an Ombuds. The positions are located in Washington, DC, and pay $60,989.00 to $95,026 per year. Applications are due by June 22, 2009. (FederalGovernmentJobs, Announcement Nos.: OS-CD-09-MM258551 (DEU) and OS-CD-09-MM258552 (MP).)

1 comment:

  1. Disappointing Grade Level/Salary for those positions.
    Especially as they are asking fro doctoral level candidates.

    Shows again the concern of having the Federal Government rate and level positions relating to the Ombuds. It is seen (generally) as a minor transactional management function, rather than a systems impacting, transformational function.

    Suggests real care be taken by anyone (E.G. Coalition of Federal Ombuds) attempting to legislate the ombuds role or gain an OPM Job series rating for it.