June 10, 2009

Working Happily With Colleagues

Gretchen Rubin, another reformed attorney, offers eight tips for working more happily with colleagues:
  1. Having strong friendships makes work more fun; but,
  2. Avoid situations that might create temptation;
  3. Take time to mix with other people;
  4. Each week, walk around your office and talk to a few people you don’t know well;
  5. Identify what gets under your skin;
  6. There is only love;
  7. Say “Good morning” to everyone; and
  8. Cut people slack.
Perhaps useful, general advice for Ombuds to provide. (The Happiness Project.)

1 comment:

  1. Tom, thanks for this, nice post. Isn't it amazing what common courtesy and respect for "one another" can do?