December 17, 2009

Business Conflict Blogger on the Benefits of Organizational Ombuds

F. Peter Phillips, a commercial arbitrator, and international consultant on the management of business disputes, writes the Business Conflict Blog. His latest post highlights Organizational Ombuds as a robust resource for commercial conflict managers. Phillips, says:
Institutional Ombuds offer a different type of conflict management service from (a) classic Ombuds or (b) human resources, peer groups, mediators or other offices. They differ from classic Ombuds because they focus on concerns raised within the enterprise, rather than concerns between the enterprise and outside bodies (such as governments, consumers or communities). And they differ from other dispute management offices because they depart from traditional, hierarchical command structures.

He thanks Wilbur Hicks, the International Monetary Fund Ombuds, for the referral. (Business Conflict Blog.)

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